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EasyTreat – Liquid Calcium 500ml/1L/5L

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Hardness Increaser For SPAs.

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The only Liquid Hardness Increaser for Pools & Spas.

Active Strength

46% w/w Calcium Chloride Dihydrate.


  • Safer – Eliminates overheating and waiting time when dissolving solid in water
  • Safer – Protects against metallic corrosion and concrete & grout damage
  • Easier – No weighing or dissolving required
  • Faster – Measure then pour for immediate dosing
  • The only Liquid Calcium Increaser on the market!
  • Don’t melt your bucket and waste your time trying to dissolve flake in water – eliminate heat and save time by using Liquid Calcium instead!
  • Ideal for automatic dosing systems (commercial/residential)
  • Available for both Pool and Spa applications
  • Eliminates the issue of heat release when mixing calcium chloride in water – makes dosing SAFER
  • Simply calculate how much is needed, then Pour & Go!
  • Available in easy-to-measure bottles to to optimise dosage

Dosing Instructions

  • Add 1L Liquid Calcium to increase hardness by 10ppm in a 50,000 litre pool
  • Hardness level should be kept in the 150-500 ppm range.

View Safety Datasheet here.


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