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About Us

Specialists in chemical treatments for Pool & Spa Care.

About Bond Chemicals Australia

Revolutionising Pool and Spa Care

Bond Chemicals is an Australian-owned company founded by two Chemical Engineers with a vision to deliver inventive chemical solutions and products to the Pool and Spa industry. We hold numerous patents, both nationally and internationally, related to Liquid Lithium and other cutting-edge water treatment technologies.

Our premium product, Liquid Lithium, is created using Australian-sourced lithium and stands as the exclusive Lithium Hypochlorite offering in the global market. Additionally, our innovative EasyTreat line of Pool and Spa products is purposefully created to simplify chemical adjustments, ensuring safety and ease of dosing for both pool technicians and owners.

Our overarching goal is to simplify pool and spa maintenance, making it not only highly effective but also remarkably easy for every Pool Owner and Technician.

About Bond Chemicals Australia 2

The Ultimate Spa Sanitising Solution

Bond Chemicals proudly presents Liquid Lithium, a game-changer in spa sanitisation. Our product is not only the most effective on the market, ensuring crystal-clear and bacteria-free spa water, but it is also incredibly cost-effective.

Compared to solid products, Liquid Lithium is a breeze to use—simply pour, and it gets to work instantly. Say goodbye to complex measurements and guesswork – we have made spa maintenance as easy as it gets.

Experience the ultimate in spa water treatment with Bond Chemicals’ Liquid Lithium.

Why Choose Bond Chemicals

Best Pool Chemical Melbourne


Bond products are the safest for dosing, human health and protection of pool & spa equipment.

Most Effective Pool and Spa Chemical Melbourne


All Bond products are the simplest to measure and dose into your pool or spa.

Safest Pool and Spas Chemical


Using our products will ensure the lowest total cost of maintaining your pool and spa.

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