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Bond Chemicals

Pool & Spa Care – Safe, Easy & Environmentally Friendly

Superior Pool & Spa Chemicals

Bond products outperform the current products in the market,

making pool and spa water treatment easier and more effective for you.

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Bond Chemicals is the safest chlorine disinfectant available on the market.

What is Liquid Lithium?

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Chlorine Free Spa Chemicals

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Bromine vs Chlorine

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Dichlor vs Trichlor

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Why Choose Bond Chemicals

Bond Chemicals is Australian owned and run by two experienced Chemical Engineers with over 40 years experience in the industry.

Best Pool Chemical Melbourne

Best in class

The only Liquid Lithium product on the market for Spas & Hot Tubs.

Most Effective Pool and Spa Chemical Melbourne

Most Effective Sanitiser

The most stable chlorine disinfection product on the market today.

Safest Pool and Spas Chemical

The Safest Chlorine disinfectant available

The first liquid hypochlorite with the lowest levels of chlorate and hence perchlorate.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

– Benjamin Franklin

Bond Chemicals Australia Pools and Spas

Revolutionising Pool & Spa Care

Bond Chemicals is an Australian owned company, established by two Chemical Engineers to provide innovative chemical products & solutions to the Pool and Spa market.

Bond holds several Australian, New Zealand and International Patents pertaining to Liquid Lithium and other water treatment technologies.

We use Australian Lithium to manufacture our premium product – Liquid Lithium, which is the only available Lithium Hypochlorite on the global market.

Also,  our innovative EasyTreat range of Pool and Spa products have been specifically designed to make Pool and Spa chemical adjustments safe and simple – for the pool technician as well as the pool owner.

Our mission is to simplify pool and spa care to the point where it becomes incredibly easy, as well as effective, for any Pool Owner.

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